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Northwest Oklahoma Emmaus Community


Board of Directors
Thank you for listening to God's call!!!!  De Colores
As you are probably aware, Heartland Chrysalis Flights 65 (Boys) & 66 (Girls) will be held on the upcoming weekends beginning June 17 (next week) & June 24, respectively.
The Heartland board has made it easy to sign up for the 72-hour prayer vigils by making them available on the internet.  I have included the direct links to each prayer vigil below.  If the links don't work
correctly, you can access the prayer vigils through
or through links at
At this time there are still 78 slots open for the Boys' Flight and  93 slots open on the Girls' Flight.  I urge all of you to link over to the prayer vigils and sign up for one, two, three or more of the time slots.  We all know how important this is to the weekends and this is your chance to participate without leaving your home (unless of course your serving on the team).  Besides, we all set aside (or should) time for daily prayer so this just gives us another opportunity to communicate with God.
Heartland Chrysalis Boys' Flight #65 Prayer Vigil:
Heartland Chrysalis Girls' Flight #66 Prayer Vigil:
Please forward this to others in your community that may have been overlooked or are not on our email list.
Steve Dyer
Assistant Community Lay Director and Prayer Coordinator Heartland Chrysalis