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Northwest Oklahoma Emmaus Community


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Northwest Oklahoma Walk to Emmaus


Spring 2014

From the Community Lay Director:

Greetings to my Emmaus Brothers and Sisters. My name is Harry Hammonds, the new Community Lay Director for the Northwest Community. I am honored and blessed to be serving such a great organization. I feel with your support and prayers we can have a great year. I do have one thing to ask of you right off, we need your prayers for the upcoming set of walks. We need Pilgrims and Sponsors ASAP.  Again I am blessed to be a part of such a great organization and a wonderful group of people.

De Colores,

Harry Hammonds


The upcoming Walk to Emmaus weekends are right around the corner!

The Men’s Walk #89 will be March 6-9, and the Women’s Walk #90 will be March 13-16. The Lay Directors for this set of Walks are Jim and Ronda Martin. Both Walks will be held at Central Christian Church in Enid.  Whether we have the Walks will depend once again on whether or not we have enough pilgrims to hold them. The Board of Directors has set the target  number as 15, so please get your applications in as soon as possible if you plan to sponsor. The number of men’s apps IN HAND by Saturday February 15, will determine whether or not the Men’s Walk will be held. The number of women’s apps IN HAND by Saturday February 22, will determine whether or not the Women’ Walk will be held. Once it has been determined that the Walk(s) will indeed be held, additional applications will still be accepted after the given dates. The Board of Director, as well as Lay Directors Jim and Ronda, are praying for these Walks, team, team meetings, sponsors and pilgrims already committed and those yet to be called.

Will you please join us in prayer?  If you need an application, send your request to the Registrar Paula Beiland at, and she will email you one.

De Colores!

From the Lay Directors

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

 (Proverbs 27:17)

I have been greatly blessed and encouraged by the responses of the group of men and women who have been called to serve on Walk #89! The conference room team and prayer room team have begun the process of previewing and preparing for the pilgrims, and, in the process, have found that we renew and refresh ourselves.  We smooth and straighten our own edges as we interact with our fellow Christian brothers and sisters.  We have a strong team in the making, and we anticipate a powerful interaction during the Walk.  Please be in prayer for the team and for the pilgrims. 

Please spend some time in prayer and meditation to see if God is leading you to sponsor a pilgrim.  While it is important to the dynamics of the conference room that we have 15 or more pilgrims, please, don’t fall into the trap of just “finding someone” who will go.  Our purpose is to grow and develop men and women to be leaders in their churches.  It is not to convert someone to be a believer, nor is it to repair a life that has been broken by recent difficulty.  Those individuals are candidates for our love and leadership now, and then we can sponsor them as a pilgrim when they are ready to grow.  In relation to Proverbs 27:17, the Walk to Emmaus is to sharpen the edges, not build the sword.  As God puts it on your heart to sponsor, please, model the 4th day activities by participating in a reunion group and local community gathering with them, thus maintaining our edges. 

Outside teams are in the formation process, so please be in prayer for them as well!

I hope to see you at the activities of the walk!

De Colores,

Jim Martin


Men’s Walk #89 Team Roster

Lay Director – Jim MartinSpiritual Director – Dave Jones

Assistant Spiritual Directors – Bryan Tener, Fred Jones, Andy Teston, Butch Phillips

Assistant Lay Directors – Mel Link, Tom Snyder, Bill Shaw, Keith Strack

Table Leaders – Tim Boyer, Harry Hammonds, Gary Shields, Nelson Frantz, Jim Coup

Assistant Table Leaders – Bill Vice, Kris Mapel, Dennis Ferguson, John Kelly, Bill Reynolds

Board Representative – Jim Cox

Music Director – Mike Dean

Assistant Music Director – J.C. Scott



“Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:28-32)


     The time is quickly approaching for the next set of walks!  God has blessed me with an awesome conference team for Walk #90.  The men and women who complete the team roster will most assuredly be a blessing to, not only the pilgrims, but to the other team members as well.  I wait in expectation and anticipation as to what God has planned for this Walk to Emmaus #90. 

     I would like to encourage each of you to answer God’s call if He is nudging you to sponsor someone for this Walk.  I know we all get busy and sometimes feel that we “just don’t have time” to do all that’s involved with sponsoring;; however, if you feel God is asking you to take that step, I pray that, remembering what your own Walk To Emmaus meant to you, you will follow His lead to sponsor and allow someone else to experience, in their own way, the blessings that you yourself received.  What a blessing it will be, not only to that pilgrim, but to you as well!  God’s like that, you know.

     I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to serve as the Lay Director for Walk #90.  I would appreciate your prayers for the Board of Directors, the conference room team, the behind-the-scenes team, and, of course, the pilgrims whose applications we already have in hand, as well as those yet to be called.  I would also like to encourage you to participate in Send-Off, Candlelight, and Closing.

De Colores,

 Ronda Martin


Women’s Walk #90 Team Roster

Lay Director—Ronda Martin

Spiritual Director—Mickey Moery

Assistant Spiritual Directors

—Carrell Still, Pam Cottrill, Lilly Freeman, Susan Southall

Assistant Lay Directors

—Linda Link, Dee McKenna, Brenda Roser, Sally Phillips

Table Leaders—Paula Beiland, Gayla White, Rosemary Finch, Dawn Mills, Pam Shields

Assistant Table Leaders—Kacy Wallace, Evelyn Jones, Pat Moery, Kim Trent, Peg Krick

Board Representative—Trish Hise

Music Director—Mickey Wilfong

Assistant Music Director—Mary Austin                                                                                                     


Book Table:

The Pilgrims book tables will be stocked again with consigned books during the upcoming Walks, then donations will be taken from Communities and the Pilgrims.  The unsold books will be returned to the book store or added to the library depending on the donations received.  If anyone would like to send a contribution for the book tables, please just send to NWOK Emmaus, c/o Sherry Larson P.O. Box 2281 Elk City, OK  73648 with that designation.  We have some used books in inventory now, but there are some great new books that we will be making available on the walks. 



Men’s and Women’s Walks

 60 pieces of agape needed per walk - all types

 Please remember that table napkins, place mats, sacks, etc. are also GREATLY appreciated forms of Agape!  Even things like the table decorations for Saturday night (party balloons and confetti).

 And always remember to WRITE letters to not only your pilgrims but ALL!

 NEW Agape Resource:

“Your Fourth Day Connection”

This is an online resource of ideas for handmade agape gifts

Or email Katrina Caputo

Happy Day, Laura


72 Hour Prayer Vigil

Have you signed up for the Walk 89 and 90 Prayer Vigils yet? The posters haven’t come to your Community? No Worry! Sign up online at This list contains upcoming Walks throughout the U. S. and World listed alphabetically. Scroll down until you reach Northwest Oklahoma Emmaus. So go online and sign up now! Remember, prayer is one of the foundations of successful Walks!

You may also sign up using our online database. In Internet Explorer (version 9 or later) enter in the address bar. For those who have not used the database this is a little less user-friendly method; but, it is still an option.


NWOK Emmaus Online Database

For two years members of the Northwest Oklahoma Emmaus Community have had access to an online database containing information about the members and Walks of Northwest Oklahoma Emmaus. Although this database is not exactly user-friendly it is the only real option we have for maintaining accessible contact information for the thousand plus people who have been a part of our Community. The Board of Directors is considering scrapping the database because it is not being used by the Community. If you would like to share your opinion concerning the database, please contact Community Lay Director Harry Hammonds (580-233-3492 or or Community Spiritual Director Carrell Still (580-231-0576 or before February 22nd.


Board Members by Class:

Class of 2014

Laura Girty,

Harry Hammonds,

Sarah Elliott,

Roy Smith,

Janet Ketron,

Mickey Moery,


Class of 2015

Paula Beiland,

Tim Boyer,

George Hilton,

John Kelly,

Brenda Roser,

Wendie Jencks-Wilson,


Class of 2016

Sherry Larosn,

Bill Vice,

Denny Kirck,

Bill Shaw,

Jim Cox,

Gene Spillman,


Harry Hammonds, Community Lay Director

Carrell Still, Community Spiritual Director


Send Off and Sponsor’s Hour

Send off for the Men’s walk # 89 will be Thursday March 6th

Send off for the Women’s walk # 90 will be Thursday March 13th

We will gather for snacks and fellowship at 6:30 pm

Send off will follow at 7:30pm

Make plans to attend Send Off and Sponsor’s Hour, even if you are now sponsoring a pilgrim.  Blessings always are abundant.  Please do not bring pilgrims before 6:30pm.  Sponsors hour is the prayer service following to surround the weekend in prayer.  All of these events will be held in the fellowship hall and Chapel at Central Christian Church, Enid.


If you are sponsoring a pilgrim, you might suggest that your pilgrim bring a sweater/jacket for the weekend as the conference room may not be suitable for everyone and please be aware that before Sponsor’s hour, you will need to WAIT for instructions about when to make up your pilgrim’s bed.   Also, sponsors please understand that if at all possible, you need to take your pilgrims out to eat before bringing them to send off. The snacks at Sendoff are not intended to be the pilgrim’s meal.



Men’s Walk # 89 Saturday, March 8th

Women’s Walk # 90 Saturday, March 15th

Do you remember walking into the candlelight service on your Walk to Emmaus? For many that is an unforgettable memory.  The purpose of candlelight is to demonstrate God’s love to the pilgrims through the presence of the smiling faces and the shining candles of the community.  So, we need everyone to come to both Candlelight services for the upcoming Walks.


Please come; and encourage all of your Emmaus brother and sisters to come.  Load up a vehicle and come together!  There is a good chance that you will not only bless the pilgrims and team but will also return home with your heart filled with God’s love, too.


Candlelight for the Men’s and Women’s will be held at the Central Christian Church in Enid. The worship service is scheduled to begin at 8:30pm.  Childcare will be provided during the worship service. If you come early to participate in the dinner entertainment (scheduled for 6:15), you will need to make your own arrangements for your children.

Please come and participate in these worship services as a means of support for the pilgrims, team and our Emmaus Community.  We need your prayers and smiling faces to make these Candlelight services all that God intends for them to be.


* Closing *

The community will gather on Sunday @ 4pm on March 9th for the Men’s walk 89, and on March 16th of the Women’s walk 90.

Closing should began around 4:30pm

PLEASE come and show your love and support to these pilgrims!


4th Day Services:

We want to welcome our new pilgrims into the community at Forth day service set for March 29th, at noon, at Central Christian Church, Enid.  Please make an effort to be there to welcome our new members with a covered dish luncheon at noon followed by worship service in the sanctuary.



ENID: 4TH Thursday of each month. Sites rotated. 6:30pm potluck dinner. Child care provided.

Elk City: Every other month on the second Friday at 6:30 pm at the United Methodist Church.  Pot Luck dinner, Child care Provided.

Woodward: 2nd Monday of each month. Woodward FUMC, 6:30 pm. Pot Luck dinner, child care provided.

Warm Hearts: (Newkirk): 3rd Thursday of each month. Site varies 6:30 pm pot luck dinner. Child care provided if requested.